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85Batamuriza is worried that Shema will not be faithful to her, but he reassures her that he will. Meanwhile, Gihayima offers his testimony to the judge.
84Muzatsinda is attacked with fire by an angry mob. He suspects it's the work of those from Bumanzi and reports it to the police. Batamuriza and Shema go shopping to make their new home.
83Rutaganira and the mayor attempt to bribe the judge, but the judge refuses to be bought.
82Gihayima brings some wild flowers to Batamuriza and Shema; they are delighted! They tell Gihayima they will use them in the wedding.
81The residents of Bumanzi join together to discuss how they can prevent the vandalism that Rutaganira and his gang are carrying out on their village. Batamuriza manages to escape from her mother and Rutaganira.

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