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55Kananga gets hold of a letter Batamuriza wrote to Shema and confronts her about it in a fit of jealousy. Yuliyana lends some money to Muzatsinda so she can pay back a debt to Samvura.
54Rutaganira begins to suspect his wife is being unfaithful to him; he accuses her of infidelity. Batamuriza visits Gihana's family to try and help him and his wife.
53Each village is struggling. Trauma persists in Bumanzi, and many people in Muhumuro are facing poverty. Kananga, in particular, is suffering from trauma due to his actions.
52Bapfakurera criticises Kananga for his fight with Shema. The residents of Bumanzi continue to struggle with their losses from the thefts by Muhumuro. Some of the villagers are experiencing trauma from the events.
51Insults turn into a physical fight between Kananga and Shema. Shema recounted the story to Batamuriza. Rutaganira continues to attempt to urge Batamuriza to love Kananga instead of Shema.

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