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75The Bumanzi residents begin a patrol of the area. Shema reveals to Maritini why he left without warning; he goes to the police to report Batamuriza’s kidnapping and attempted rape but the police don't believe him.
74Kananga is worried that his attempted rape of Batamuriza will come to light. Meanwhile, Samvura continues to try and prevent people from joining the war against Muhumuro. Batamuriza thanks Gihayima for rescuing her from Kananga.
73With the help of Gihayima, Batamuriza escapes! She hides at Bapfakurera's house, but now Shema disappears.
72Batamuriza continues to fight off Kananga's advances, but she can't escape. Gihayima's attempt to rescue Batamuriza is interrupted by Kananga.
71Kananga kidnaps Batamuriza and hides her somewhere no one will look. Both villages are preoccupied with their plans to attack each other. Muzatsinda and Bapfakurera both try and dissuade people to use violence.

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