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70Mugenga's plan to attack Muhumuro before they attack Bumanzi gets some support. Meanwhile, Shema and Shantali are arrested for the vandalism of Batamuriza's hairdressing salon.
69 Hearing of Rutaganira's plans, Mugenga plans a pre-emptive invasion of Muhumuro. Seeing that Shema is upset and missing Batamuriza, Shantali tells him where she is.
68In an attempt to help the people of Bumanzi, Muzatsinda tells Samvura about Rutaganira's plans to invade Bumanzi again. Shema misses Batamuriza; everyone is worried about her.
67Rutaganira and Zaninka talked about what they should do whilst Batamuriza was away. Gihana keeps Batamuriza up to date with everything that's going.
66Gihayima tells Bapfakurera of the plans to invade Bumanzi again. Batamuriza is told about her family's plans to force her to marry Kananga and she refuses. She flees her home to escape the forced marriage. Meanwhile, in Muhumuro, Gihayima is caught hiding at Rutaganira's house, and Rutaganira tries to catch him.

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