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505Shantali stays near to the prison where Gasore is being wrongfully held. The election day for the leader of Mugereko arrives, everyone is anxious.
504Shantali visits Gasore, she is upset that he has been sent to prison without doing anything wrong. Rutaganira arrives at Mugereko and Shema tells him about his concerns of Batamuriza heading the peace building project.
503Hirwa explains to Kamurisa how the conflict between the two villages affected him when he was so young. Batamuriza and Muhorakeye are both pleased that their supervisor comes to hear them speak and see the work they are doing.
502Rutaganira makes his way to Mugereko to visit Batamuriza to apologise for the way he previously behaved. Batamuriza is offered the position as head of peace building, and she accepts it, much to Shema's dismay. Kananga and Mugenga are arrested for attacking Diregiteri over his election campaign.
501The money collected by the villagers in Bumanzi and Muhumuro went towards connecting the factory to the electricity supply, meaning they pay less for the generator. Shema keeps trying to persuade Batamuriza not to lead the peace building project, he is worried for her safety. Gasore is arrested, but no one know why.

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