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60Merisiyana opens up to Mukakibibi about why she left Gihana. After consultation with several people, Gihana decides to get his wife back. Shantali tries to explain to Batamuriza how she lost the letter that caused so many problems.
59After getting advice from a witch, Merisiyana disappears. Batamuriza seeks advice from her stepbrother about her love for Shema.
58Rutaganira's brothers disagreed with him about how the invasion of Bumanzi originated. Batamuriza confronts her mother about her relationship with Shema; she tells her that she can't be without him. Merisiyana goes to talk to a witch; this upsets her husband who is against anything to do with witchcraft.
57Rita tells Gihana to address the problems he has with his wife. Batamuriza had planned to take food to her brothers, but when she bumps into Gihayima he reveals Rutaganira's plan to spread terrible rumours about her. During a conversation with Mugenga, Gihana reveals that he cannot have any children.
56The letter Batamuriza wrote continues to cause problems. Rutaganira and his brothers read the letter and begin to gossip. Meanwhile, Muzatsinda returns the money borrowed from Samvura.

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