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35Rutaganira and Kananga are planning to invade Bumanzi. Meanwhile, Shema and Batamuriza are glum; they are wandering what to do.
34The youths of Bumanzi and Muhumuro quarrel over the conflict and Shema and Batamuriza are separated. Gihayima is dancing though,his spirits are high!
33Rutaganira tries to get Batamuriza to leave her business in Bumanzi; he calls the people there monkeys. Batamuriza is more concerned with where her brother, Bahizi, is.
32The youth request that the mayor of the region investigates the theft of Bumanzi's crops. Batamuriza helps the youth with their aim to appease the conflict.
31The people of Bumanzi find out they have been robbed by the people of Muhumuro; Batamuriza tells Shema that her brother was the culprit. Hatred between the two villages rises, but the youth fight against it. The families of Shema and Batamuriza continue to try and get them to break off their friendship.

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