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25Rutaganira's election campaign is under way. Shema and Batamuriza go for a walk to take some photos and contemplate the problems of the two villages.
24Rutaganira is trying to become elected as a village official, and Zaninka is encouraging him. The mayor of Muhumuro supports Rutaganira in his electoral campaign.
23Zaninka encourages Rutaganira to take revenge on the people of Bumanzi for Munyana's death. At the same time, Shantali visits Batamuriza to talk about the ill feeling towards Shema at Munyana's burial. Batamuriza gives Shema a photo of her as a gift to try and lift his spirits.
22There is a burial ceremony to commemorate Munyana's life. During the ceremony Rutaganira refused to shake Shema's hand.
21Rutaganira searches for some financial support to pay for Munyana's hospital bills, but he can't find anyone to give him the money. As a result, Munyana sadly passes away due to malnutrition. Munyana's grandmother, Zaninka, blames the people of Bumanzi for her death. Shema and Batamuriza take the time to contemplate how and why there is conflict between the two villages.

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