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5Munyemanzi's illness worsens and is brought to the hospital for treatment. Batamuriza searches for money to pay for the hospital bills. Munyemanzi pleas for the family to love one another, and appoints Gihana to become head of the family. Sadly, before the episode concludes he passes away.
4In the fourth episode Munyemanzi falls sick; his wife and son suspect foul play. Batamuriza opens the present given to her by Kananga, whilst Shema consults Kananga about his love for Batamuriza. Meanwhile, a football match between Bumanzi and Muhumuro is on everyone's mind.
3Samvura donates a cow to Muzatsinda and Kananga gives a gift to Batamuriza in order to demonstrate his love. Batamuriza's step mother is appreciative of the gesture.
2The origins of the conflict between the two villages are explored; Muzatsinda explains the roots of the rivalry to his son, Kigingi.
1Episode 1 starts with a narration of the causes of conflict between the villages of Muhumuro and Bumanzi. We are introduced to Batamuriza and Yuliana who talk about Kananga who is trying to win Batamuriza's heart. In the same episode Samvura gives a cow to his best friend Muzatsinda as sign of friendship.

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