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105Rutaganira tries to recruit Muzatsinda and Bapfakurera to join him in his fight against the people of Bumanzi. Shema disappears from hospital, and his father accuses Muhumuro.
104 Mbarubukeye and Mugenga vow to take vengeance on the people of Muhumuro, but Samvura and Gihana try to convince them otherwise. Shema is ashamed about his attempted suicide.
103Shema is brought to the hospital and begins his recovery, but Mbarubukeye is convinced the people of Muhumuro have poisoned him. Mugenga uses this to incite feelings of hostility towards Muhumuro.
102There is a party to celebrate the release of Rutaganira, but Muzatsinda and Bapfakurera refuse to go. Mugenga and Mbarubukeye accuse the people of Muhumuro of causing Maritini's accident; they decide to take revenge. Distraught over losing Batamuriza, Shema decides to commit suicide.
101Rutaganira is cleared of the charges against him; his family are rejoicing. This is terrible news for the people of Bumanzi. They are dreading Rutaganira's release. Batamuriza is interviewed by the abbess about her plan to become a nun, but when she is asked to preach the gospel, she struggles. Maritini has an accident on his way home.

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