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80 The court case continues, but Mugenga's testimony is traumatic for him; he brakes down in tears. Batamuriza and Shema both want to get married illegally.
79Samvura and Gihana give their testimonies in court. Rutaganira is fearful of the outcome. Batamuriza and Shema consider their future and how they can make things work.
78Gakwaya is ready to confess to his crimes, but Rutaganira threatens to kill him if he does. Gakwaya goes to court to confess, regardless of Rutaganira's threats.
77Batamuriza finds out that Shema is okay and is relieved; she tells Gihayima to send him her love.
76 Muzatsinda and Bapfakurera try to dissuade Rutaganira from inciting violence and promoting the conflict. Batamuriza finds out about Shema's disappearance and is devastated.

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