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405Gakwaya and Gihana visit Rutaganira after his house was burnt down. Mudaraza helps Fabiane, the leader of Mugereko, to take revenge against all of the citizens who live on the opposing hill.
404Gasore and Shantali discuss their relationship, and again promise never to leave each other. Mudaraza and Gararasi fight over the regional disputes.
403Residents from Muhumuro and Bumanzi gather together to help Mukandutiye repair Rutaganira's house that was burnt to the ground. Rutaganira and Gasore start their journey back from Mugereko to Muhumuro, but on their way they find out about Rutaganira's house.
402Mukandutiye is worried Mugereko might be in danger; she hasn't spoken to him since he left home. Rutaganira, Gasore and Samusoni all promise to accompany Shema to the office whilst he complains.
401Whilst Rutaganira is in Mugereko, vandals burn his house to the ground. Meanwhile, Rutaganira and Gasore advise Shema to lodge a complaint to Batamuriza's work about how they have handled the situation.

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