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305Gasore tells Zaninka that the conflict between the two villages cannot separate him from Shantali. Shema has a nightmare about the dangers of Batamuriza riding her motorbike, but Batamuriza still will not resign or get a transfer. Hirwa moves in with his father and starts an internship. His father continuously tries to push him into a conflict, and Hirwa tries to convince his father to think of the other village differently.
304Anastasia accuses the people of Muhumuro that their leaders favour criminals instead of punishing them. Shema continues to try and persuade Batamuriza to stop riding her motorcycle, but she refuses. He suggests she either gets a transfer to a closer location, or resigns.
303Rutaganira wants to lead the communal project between the two villages, if the villages will trust him. Shema disapproves of Batamuriza riding a motorcycle whilst she is pregnant, and Gasore tells Zaninka that he is in love with Chantale, from Bumanzi.
302Anastasia continues to distrust Rutaganira and his family, calling them criminals and claiming they cannot share the same interests. Batamuriza arrives home late in the evening; both her phone and her motorbike were stolen after she tries to get assistance on the roadside.
301Muzatsinda tries to persuade his neighbours to forgive, rather than punish the vandals who destroyed the village. He tries to spread messages of reconciliation, rather than distrust throughout the region. Batamuriza is late to return home, when Shema rings her, another man answers.

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