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40The police continue to prosecute those who were responsible for the theft, but Rutaganira continues to evade the authorities in the forest. Shema and Batamuriza send each other love letters.
39Bapfakurera gives a statement at the police station and Zaninka warns Batamuriza not to implicate anyone. Rutaganira is hiding in the forest to avoid the authorities.
38Several people from Bumanzi are talking of retaliation. Rutaganira hides what they've looted from Bumanzi, but the mayor prevented any further investigation.
37Episode 37 picks up from the following morning. People from Muhumuro have ravaged Bumanzi. The youth of Bumanzi displayed great courage in the attacks. Batamuriza tells her family of her disapproval of the attacks, and returns stolen goods to the people of Bumanzi.
36The word gets out to a couple of people in Bumanzi that Muhumuro are going to attack. Batamuriza decides she has to help.

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