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10Munyana's family mourned her death, but it turns out she was rescued by a local fisherman named Kalinda. Kananga is bitter about Batamuriza's rejection and spreads the lie that she is a prostitute; Batamuriza finds this out from Shantali.
9Gihana's wife and mother try to get him to hold his stepbrothers accountable for his torture. Meanwhile, Kananga asks Batamuriza to marry him, but Batamuriza turns him down due to her love for Shema. The episode ends with confusion: its unclear whether Rutaganira's daughter, Munyana, has drowned or not.
8The tensions between Gihana and Rutaganira, Gasore and Bahizi turn violent when Gihana is tortured by his stepsiblings. Batamuriza starts looking for her missing brothers, but can't find them anywhere. Eventually Gihana is rescued by Samvura from the forest where he was taken.
7Tensions are high. Rutaganira, Gasore and Bahizi are all jealous of Gihana's inheritance. Batamuriza addresses the conflict and tries to find a solution. Gihana contemplates the ways in which he will lead the family. His mother tries to persuade him to incite hatred towards Rutaganira's family but Gihana resists.
6During the burial of Munyemanzi, conflicts erupt between the two villages. Batamuriza mourns the loss of her father; Shema and Kananga visit her to pay their respects.

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