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65Rutaganira's plan is being put into practise. The mayor, Rutaganira and Kananga meet in the middle of the night and round up other extremists who support invading Bumanzi. Gihana apologised and asked for forgiveness from Merisiyana.
64Rutaganira presents plans to the mayor of another attack against the people of Bumanzi. Both Shema and Batamuriza decide to flea before any violence broke out.
63Rutaganira made a promise to Kananga that he will give Batamuriza to him as a wife. In return, Kananga promised to support Rutaganira. The families of both Batamuriza and Shema now want to break off their relationship; things become increasingly difficult for the couple.
62Rutaganira is released, he immediately begins fighting for land he claims belongs to his ancestors. The people from Bumanzi aren't pleased with Rutaganira's release; many are worried about what he will do. Batamuriza is surprised by the release of Rutaganira, and worried by the possible reprocussions.
61The youth from Muhumuro and Bumanzi come together to talk about what they should do about Kananga. Some suggest they should banish him from the region. Muzatsinda pays back the debts owed to Yuliyana and Meresiyana returned home to Gihana.

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