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20Conflicts continue between the two villages. Shema gives Batamuriza a gift, which she loves. Affection between the two grows. However, Rutaganira is worried as his first born son, Munyana, has fallen ill.
19Tensions continue to rise between the two villages. Gakwya chases his servants away because they are natives of Bumanzi. Batamuriza continues to be harassed by the people of Muhumuro over her cooperation with the people of Bumanzi.
18The bridge has been destroyed by the heavy rain. Rutaganira continues to demonize the people of Bumanzi by rallying up hatred towards them in the community. All is well with Shema and Batamuriza though; their love continues to grow.
17The crops at Muhumuro were damaged by the rain. Rutaganira uses this as an opportunity to further demonize the people of Bumanzi by blaming them for the damage. Batamuriza thanks Shema for his role in quashing the rumours put about by Kananga.
16The villages manage to reach a compromise: each village begins farming the land in their own way. But Rutaganira and his mother insult Bumanzi's ways of cultivation and claim that the villagers are stealing their crops. Shema tells Batamuriza not to pay any attention to Kananga's vicious rumours.

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