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50Rutaganira's brother advises him to ask for forgiveness in order to reduce his punishment. In a jealous, drunken rage, Kananga insults Shema. Meanwhile, Mukahirwa visits Batamuriza at work to talk about trauma. Mukahirwa thinks that people who are traumatized are just being fools; Batamuriza tries to correct him.
49Kananga is released from prison due to a lack of evidence, this worries the people of Bumanzi. Batamuriza is told that when Rutaganira is released he will push for her to marry him, but her love for Shema remains.
48Rutaganira twists the facts in his attempt to try and get Batamuriza to support him in prison; he tries to convince her that his crimes were justified. Kananga is continuing to show signs of trauma; he is having nightmares about what happened to Bumanzi.
47Mukandutiye is grieving for the people of Bumanzi. Mukahirwa offers his support to Mukandutiye and helps him get through it.
46Kananga is showing signs of change. He has time to reflect on his actions and can see the harm he caused. He vows to improve his behaviour when he is released. Batemuriza asks Shema for forgiveness for failing to protect the residents of Bumanzi.

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