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45 Mukahirwa is having party to celebrate his return to his village but Zaninka refuses to go. Yuliyana seems to be displaying signs of trauma at the party; Shantali and Batamuriza emphasize the need to address and support those who have trauma.
44Zaninka visits Rutaganira in prison and Shema and Batamuriza are back in touch.
43Rutaganira and his brothers are finally arrested, and put in prison. The people of Bumanzi are happy that justice has been done. Mukandutiye is ashamed of Rutaganira's crimes; Mukahirwa urges her to ask for forgiveness from the people of Bumanzi he stole from. Batamuriza and her mother have opposing views; Batamuriza supports the work of the police, but her mother is siding with her sons.
42Batamuriza discusses with Mukahirwa about how they can resolve the conflict and heal the people of Bumanzi's trauma. Shema looks to Yuliyana for advice on how to deal with his feelings for Batamuriza. Muzatsinda used to borrow the school fees needed for his children from others in Bumanzi, but they can't loan him anything as they have had everything stolen in the raid.
41The police arrest Kananga, which frightens Zaninka; she thinks she will be next.

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