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205Gakwaya and Muzatsinda continue to support Rutaganira by donating him food and other aid. The other neighbours join in with other donations. Mudaraza offers to teach Josiane how to drive; during the lesson Josiane tells Mudaraza that she is Shema’s girlfriend.
204Rutaganira and his friends leave the refugee camp and return home. Anastasia and Yuliyana see them approach and are terrified as they think they are going to attack. The rest of the neighbours are supportive of their return. Shema finds Josiane in his bedroom; Samusoni walks in and sees Josiane in Shema’s bed.
203Zaninka and Kananga walk in on Rutaganira preparing to return home. Batamuriza finds out about Josiane’s visit to Shema; he tells her that it was a surprise. The headmaster goes to the mayor to discuss Fabiyane.
202Rutaganinra tells Zaninka that the reason they argue is due to her carelessness. Josiane gets into Shema’s house; when he sees her he tells her to leave. Fabiyani goes to the mayor to complain about the way the headmaster has been treating him.
201Samvura and Gihana bring some aid to Gakwaya. Tensions are rising between Bahizi and Zaninka; they are disagreeing more and more. Josiane meets Mudaraza and goes looking for Shema. Meanwhile, the mayor goes to Manyobwa’s pub to carry out an investigation.

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