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100Gasore and Bahizi are sentenced to ten years imprisonment and to pay a fine. Batamuriza continues her preparation to become a nun.
99Yuliyana continues to testify about what she saw in Bumanzi, but is too scared to incriminate those who are responsible. Maritini, Mbarubukeye and Mugenga organize a raid of Mbarubukeye.
98Samvura and the other residents from Bumanzi contemplate how justice can be achieved. Mukahirwa refuses to endorse Batamuriza's application to become a nun.
97Rutaganira fears he will be accused of Mutarutinya's death. The judge realises that the way he has been dealing with traumatized witnesses is incorrect.
96Manyobwa refuted the evidence given against Rutaganira, and provides an alibi for him. Shema wants to go to a witch to fix his relationship with Batamuriza.

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