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90Gakwaya is warned to tell the whole truth in his testimony, and to fear the repercussions if he lied or twisted the truth. Batamuriza is still bitterly upset by the photos, she decides to give up and become a nun. Gihana's impotence is no longer a problem!
89When it is Gasore and Bahizi's turn to testify, they twist the facts and give false statements. Dativa refuses to testify, as she fears speaking out about Rutaganira. The mayor and Rutaganira conspire to make Gihayima disappear.
88Gasore wants to testify in exchange for his release. Muzatsinda also wants to testify. He accuses the Mayor and Rutaganira with the organization and leadership of the raids. After the testimony he wants to be put in protective custody as he fears the repercussions. Batamuriza is angry with Shema about some photos of them that came to light.
87Both Rutaganira and Kananga are concerned by the testimonies given; they are worried the roles they played in the raids will come to light. The testimonies continue, and the effects of trauma persist. Yuliyana breaks down in tears when she comes to talk about what happened.
86Those who hear it praise Gihayima's testimony; it focuses on the root causes of the problems, Mukahirwa claims this is crucial. Batamuriza invites Shantali to their wedding.

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