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95The mayor and Rutaganira try to get Manyobwa to testify, and refute the allegations against him. After the death of Mutarutinya, everyone is afraid to testify against Rutaganira. Batamuriza is once again considering becoming a nun.
94Mutarutinya dies under suspicious circumstances. With the key witness dead, the people of Bumanzi are fearful that Rutaganira will walk free. Suspicions are high; many people think Rutaganira is responsible for Mutarutinaya's death.
93The court charges Rutaganira with the crimes he committed, but he denies everything. Mutarutinya calls on the court to punish Rutaganira for the invasion of Bumanzi.
92Rutaganira is summoned to court. Meanwhile, Gihayima is trying to persuade Batamuriza to reconcile with Shema and Muzatsinda can't afford school fees for Kigingi.
91Muzatsinda has some concrete proof that Rutaganira was behind the vandalism. Shema is after forgiveness from Batamuriza, but she refuses.

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