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30Batamuriza's family tries to break off her friendship with Shema.
29Rutaganira, Gakwaya and Kananga implement a plan to loot Bumanzi's crops. Zaninka finds the photos of Shema and Batamuriza in her bag and an argument between them unfolds.
28Rutaganira wins the position; Zaninka celebrates his election. Love continues to grow between Shema and Batamuriza.
27Zaninka tries to encourage Batamuriza to vote for Rutaganira, but she's taking her time to think about who to support. She doesn't want to vote for Rutaganira because he's reckless and irresponsible.
26Muzatsinda encourages Gakwaya to put himself forward for the village official position. However, the mayor asks Gakwaya to stand down and donates some money to Rutaganira's campaign.

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