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15Episode 15 sees a disagreement between the people of Bumanzi and Muhumuro regarding what crops should be grown; some people want new crops such as rice to be grown. Batamuriza faces the allegations and false rumours spread by Kananga in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Gihana warns people of the consequences of dehumanization.
14Dativa gets a job at Muhumuro bank as a cashier. Kananga is still bitter and continues to spread vicious rumours about Batamuriza.
13Construction of the bridge begins; Batamuriza is praised for her bravery during the project. Rutaganira, however, disappoints both villages and tries to sabotage the construction.
12 The two villages meet to discuss the construction of the bridge. Batamuriza confronts Kananga about the rumours he spread and tries to explain to him that conflicts begin with rumours. After much discussion the two villages decide to work together and construct the bridge.
11The inhabitants of Muhumuro have a meeting to see how the construction of a bridge joining the two communities would work, but some won't work with the residents of Bumanzi. Batamuriza promotes the idea of working together and Yuliyana refutes Kananga's lies about Batamuriza.

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