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445Shema starts to look for some money to get Batamuriza back. Kanunga and Muginga tell Mudaraza that they have spread a rumour that he kidnapped Batamuriza.
444Rutaganira and Gihana have a great idea about life in the villages. Shema is still confused about what the right thing to do is and Manyobwa gets an abortion against her will.
443Kamuriza gets a job at the school where she previously studied. Fabiane talks to the protesters and promises to take their side.
442The citizens of Muhumuro and Bumanzi start peace building activities together. Shema is still unsure as to what to do about the ransom note; he thinks it may a hoax.
441Zaninka and Bhizi are worried about how their secrets have got out. Shema receives an unsigned ransom note telling him that Batamuriza is still alive and he should send them some money in order to get more information on how to get her back.

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