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460Anastasia's sickness isn't getting any better. Her neighbours and relatives are all trying to help her through the tough time. Fabiane and Mudaraza are worried about the on-going peace building demonstrations and plan to bribe officials to cancel the event.
459The youth of the two villages are excited with the progress they have made, particularly with Fabiane. Shema's colleagues from the peace-building workshop tried to convince him not to give up and that Batamuriza is still alive.
458Zaninka and Bahizi are pleased they managed to hurt Rutaganira, but they are worried that Kanyarutoki has been arrested. The peace building coalition members are very pleased they have managed to convert people to their cause.
457The court suspects Kanyarutoki burnt down Rutaganira's house and summons him to be tried. The peacemakers make plans to try and stop the hate radio that is being broadcast throughout the region.
456Traders from near and afar come to buy from the factory. Gafarasi is beaten up. He suspects Mudaraza is responsible and plans his revenge.

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