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480Shantali and Gasore and others visit Zaninka in prison. She is hostile towards the Bumanzi residents. Shema and Batamuriza are proud of the work the peace club has achieved in Mugereko.
479Zaninka and Bahizi are pleased to hear Batamuriza is back safely. Shema contemplates what Batamuriza will do now she is back. The opposing groups in Mugereko continue to accuse each other of starting the conflict.
478The report set up to investigate the missing money in the factory found that Mathias didn't embezzle the money or mismanage the enterprise. Shema receives some threatening phone calls warning him not to go to the police about the kidnapping.
477The villagers from both Muhumuro and Bumanzi agree to raise funds to support Samvura after he loses his wife. Shema receives an unnamed threatening message telling him to make sure Batamuriza never speaks of where she has been.
476Hirwa warned Kamurizanot to mix his personal life with his work life. The kidnappers bring Batamuriza back in a sac and dump her in front of her house. Everyone is delighted to see her again; Shema is ecstatic.

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