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485Gasore and Shantali once again vow not to let anything or anyone come between them. Batamuriza and Shema receive news from her colleagues saying that she can have her job back.
484The citizens of Bumanzi are excited and pleased about everyone's interest in rebuilding the factory. Batamuriza is baffled by her dismissal; she cannot understand why she has been fired. She goes to Shema for some advice. Gasore and Rutaganira discuss why their mother still blindly hates everyone from Bumanzi.
483Zaninka and Bahize keep trying to get Rutaganira to break off the relationship between Gasore and Shantali. Batamuriza's colleagues try and get their boss to let her return to her job. If he refuses they agree to organize a demonstration.
482Shantali's family continue to try and force her to stop seeing Gasore and marry Karemanzira instead, but she will not listen to them. Batamuriza goes back to work despite Shema's concerns, but when she arrives she is fired and told to return the motorbike.
481After the report proves there was no foul play within the factory, the two villages begin working together again. Batamuriza and Shema argue about her returning to work, Shema doesn't want her to after everything that's happened.

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