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410A meeting is called between Bumanzi and Muhumuro about the security in the region, they all agree that something must be done to protect everyone.
409Shantali escapes her family to spend time with Gasore. Shema returns some documents to Batamuriza's office, and has an argument with Mandeve whilst he is there. Samvura finds his wife is alive and well after she vanished.
408Rutaganira's family receive threatening messages in their home. Kananga and Mugenga wait in the bushes so they can attack Josiane on her way home.
407Shantali's family try to get her to marry someone else, but she refuses. Kanunga and Muginga boast about how they beat and robbed Gafarasi and ask for a reward from Mudaraza for their actions.
406Rutaganira pays back all of the posessions and money he has stolen over the years of conflict with Bumanzi. Gafarasi is robbed and beaten on his way home; he suspects the citizens of Mugereko are responsible.

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