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435Hirwa pays a visit to Kamurisa to check up on her; the whole family is very appreciative. Meanwhile, the peace promoters are preparing for their demonstration.
434Residents from Muhumuro and Bumanzi are planning for a way to create a factory to sort and sell their crops. The youth of Mugereko write to the leaders to request permission to demonstrate against the violence.
433Rutaganira argues with his mother and brother for accusing Kanyarutoki of burning his house down. Meanwhile, Fabiani and Mudarazaare are planning on banishing the peace promoters from Mugereko.
432After people suspect Kanyarutoki burnt down Rutaganira's house, he flees the area. Shema accuses the leaders of Mugereko of ignoring the violence in the area.
431The Bumanzi and Muhumuro residents continue the harvest, and continue to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Zaninka and Bahizi are upset when they hear of Batamuriza’s death; they take their anger out on Rutaganira for not telling them sooner.

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