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465Kanyarutoki is sentenced to two years in prison for burning Rutaganira's house down. Talks between the two conflicting parties in Mugereko commence; Diregiteri is chosen as the mediator.
464Mbarubukeye goes against Zaninka and Bahizi's wishes; he gives his testimony to court. Samusoni tells the peacekeepers that Mudaraza and Fabiane tried to bribe him and incite conflict.
463Rutaganira stands up for justice, rather than protecting his family members from punishment. Shema is very happy with the gift he is given by the peacekeepers.
462The citizens from both villages share the money they make from the harvest. The peacemakers organize a secret celebration for Shema's wedding anniversary, and they all buy him a gift.
461Zaninka and Bahizi try to convince Mbarubukeye not to give a testimony at the court hearing during the trial against Kanyarutoki. Fabiane is reported to the authorities for inciting conflicts in Mugereko.

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