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470The villagers are worried that they may lose the factory over the conflicts. During the talks between the conflicting groups in Mugereko, Mudaraza's wife let slip that she knew who is responsible for Batamuriza's kidnapping. Through the peace talks, it is agreed that origin of the conflict was the excavation of a shared hill.
469Rutaganira invites his neighbours over to thank them for their help when his house was burnt down. They took the time to discuss the conflict that is once again returning to the region. Mudaraza is reluctant to release Batamuriza as he fears the consequences.
468Samvura tries to pacify the situation between the Bumanzi villagers and the factory director. A conflict is brewing between the two villages again. Shema is unsure as to whether Batamuriza is alive or dead. People suspect Mudaraza is responsible for her disappearance.
467The villagers from Bumanzi are worried about the mismanagement of the factory. The peacemakers request that radio Mugereko immediately stops its broadcast of hate radio and that those who have kidnapped Batamuriza return her safely back home.
466The factory begins to lose money; the villagers suspect the factory director is guilty of embezzlement. Talks between the opposing groups in Mugereko continue; each side accuses the other for the on going conflict.

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