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455Samvura visits Anastasia who is in Kagugufi to tell her that Rutaganira's idea to build a communal factory was a huge success and is helping the villages reconcile. Fidusia continues to try and convince her husband to release Batamuriza.
454The villagers immediately notice the benefits of the factory. Fabiane is very worried; the authorities question him about his role in the violence, and why he seems unwilling to prevent future problems.
453Rutaganira and his wife are pleased they came up with the idea for the factory. The peace promoters approach Fabiane to ask him to immediately release Batamuriza, but he denied all of the accusations.
452The factory finally opens; everyone is happy about how it has turned out. Rutaganira made a speech apologising for the way he previously acted towards the people in Bumanzi. Shema begins to worry again. The only thing they found of Batamuriza was her identity card.
451The villagers continue to prepare for the opening of the factory. The peace promoters go with Fabiane to the warehouse to check if Batamuriza is there, but they are out of luck.

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