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500 Rutaganira encourages Gasore build bridges with his brother, just as he did. Shema's mother, Nyirandatwa, visits them both; they explain the troubles they had when Batamuriza was kidnapped.
499The citizens of the two villages meet and celebrate the love and friendship between Rutaganira and his brother Gihana, who once despised each other. They reconcile, and exchange cows. In Mugereko, Mudaraza has no interest in reconciling with Fidusia due to their opposing views on the conflict.
498Zaninka is angry with Bahizi who has fallen in love with a girl who has ancestors from Bumanzi. The peace building group in Mugereko meet and agree upon their goals and targets
497Customers from all over the region return to the factory between Muhumuro and Bumanzi; once again it is busy and making a profit. Shema and Batamuriza are both worried about Josiane who turned up at their house in the middle of the night. Diregiteri refuses to let others corrupt him in his campaign to become the leader of Mugereko.
496Batamuriza has to miss the peace-building meeting, but Mukahirwa keeps her up to date as to what is happening. Shema is still concerned about Batamuriza's safety in the peace building discussions. In Mugereko, Diregitere is beaten up to discourage him from standing in the elections.

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