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440The people of Bumanzi and Muhumuro are proud of what they have achieved and the peace promoters in Mugereko are pleased that more people are willing to join them.
439Mudaraza helps Fabiane incriminate the youth of both Bumanzi and Muhumuro and chase them out of the region. The peace demonstration was a success; the people from Mugereko support it.
438Both Bumanzi and Muhumuro are developing rapidly as a result of their cooperation and an increase in productivity. The demonstrators march right through Mugereko and openly blame the leaders for failing to prevent the violence.
437Zaninka and Bahizi find out Kanyarutoki has fled the area; they both fear the consequences. The demonstration against the violence in Mugereko goes ahead as planned.
436Citizens from Muhumuro and Bumanzi collect money from the population in order to set up the factory. Mudaraza and Fabiani are planning to sabotage the peace demonstrations.

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