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430The Bumanzi and Muhumuro federation celebrate their fruitful harvest through their cooperation. People trying to rob Shema on his travels ambush him, forcing him to hide. Consequently, he ends up spending the night away from home, which worries his friends.
429Shema leaves his friends at his house suddenly; everyone is worried he will do something dangerous. The peace promoters have a meeting with the people of Mugereko to try and convince them to join their campaign.
428Zaninka and Bahizi keep arguing with Rutaganira about his gift to Kanyarutoki, the person who burnt his house down. Meanwhile, the peace promoters continue to try and encourage reconciliation in Mugereko.
427Rutaganira finds out Kanyarutoki is responsible for burning his house down. Shema still can't find out if the dead body is that of his wife.
426The investigation into who burnt Rutaganira's house down concluded that Kanyarutoki was responsible. Shema is still devastated by what he thinks is Batamuriza's death.

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