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490The youths from the two villages try to persuade Samusoni to stop the violence in Mugereko. Batamuriza returns to work, but she is worried about her financial situation, as her boss now wants her to pay half the cost of the motorbike.
489 The villagers decide to all donate some money towards the factory as an investment. Batamuriza gets an official letter from her work allowing her to return. Manyobwa's husband leaves her after they have an argument.
488Shantali is worried; Karemanzira's wedding proposals are getting more and more forceful and she still does not want to marry him. Shema, Batamuriza and their friends disapprove of the ways Gafarasi is trying to become elected as a leader.
487There is excitement in Bumanzi and Muhumuro as the factory is reopened. Fabiane is unsure as to what to do after he is dismissed from his job.
486Bahizi and Rutaganira argue with Zaninka about her behaviour towards the people of Bumanzi. Gasore returns to Mugereko to tell Shema and Batamuriza that the two villages are now united and have managed to reconcile with each other.

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