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450The villagers from Muhumuro and Bumanzi finish the factory and are nearly ready to start processing their harvest. Mudaraza and Fabiane plan to kidnap Kananga and Mugenga for telling people their secrets.
449Zaninka and Bahizi blame Mbarubukeye for telling Rutaganira about their role in the crime. Shema goes to Muhorakeye's office to get some aid from Batamuriza's workmates.
448Rutaganira argues with Zaninka and Bahizi about their role in burning his house down. The peace promoters ask Fabiane to show them where Batamuriza was taken.
447Rutaganira hears that Zaninka and Bahizi are the ones who persuaded Karemanzire to burn his house down. Shema finds out where Batamuriza is being held.
446The factory building for the two villages is nearly complete.Kanunga and Muginga hear the rumour that Mudaraza kidnapped Batamuriza.

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