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475Zaninka tells Bahizi not to fall in love with anyone from Bumanzi. The peacemakers in Mugereko are pleased with the progress between the conflicting groups.
474Rutaganira is upset he never got the chance to make peace with Anastasia before she died. Mudaraza declares to everyone that he will not release Batamuriza. Talks between the two groups in Mugereko continue.
473The citizens from both villages meet up to investigate how the factory is making such significant loses. Meanwhile, in Mugereko the troublemakers are deliberately delaying the peace talks.
472Citizens from both villages are mourning the loss of Anastasia; everyone is trying to help the family in whatever way they can.
471Samvura's wife Anastasia passes away in her sleep. Samvura receives condolences from far and wide. In Mugereko, the peacemakers accuse the leaders of refusing to resolve the conflict.

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