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415Mugenga and Kananga meet Gafarasi in a bar, when they leave they seriously beet him and run away.
414Another meeting is called between Bumanzi and Muhumuro to vote for their federation leader; candidates from both villages are debated.
413Zaninka approaches Mbarubukey to talk, this is a surprise for everyone after everything she has said. Muhorakeye is suspended from her job. She seeks advice from Shema who told her to report her boss for misconduct and sexual harassment.
412Samvura returns home to tell his neighbours that Anastasia is alive, but she is seriously ill. A group of peace promoters from Muhumuro and Bumanzi gather to decide on the best ways to achieve peace in the region.
411Zaninka argues with Rutaganira; she is angry with him for paying back the Bumanzi residents everything he stole, and for apologising to them. Shema and Batamuriza's child is ill. Shema goes looking for advice as to what he should do. Fidusia tries in vein to convince Mudarasa to stop vandalising other people's property.

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