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495Citizens from the two villages begin collecting money for the investment scheme. Batamuriza and Muhorakeye both complain about their boss and the way he is treating them. The election campaign in Mugereko continues; Fabiane and Mudaraza are threatening citizens to get more votes.
494Gasore asks Rutaganira's family to support his proposal to Shantali. Shema and Batamuriza have a disagreement about her role in the group discussions. Gafarasi and Josiane continue to insult and terrorize those living on the hilltop in Mugereko.
493Gasore returns to Bumanzi to try and talk to Shantali but they are both still upset with each other. Gafarasi persuades Kanunga and Mugenga to sabotage other candidate's campaigns in the upcoming elections.
492Manyobwa and Kibanga decide to get a divorce after their continuous arguments. Batamuriza is unsure what to do, she goes to her colleagues for some advice. Should she agree to pay for half of the motorbike or quit her job? The peace promoters in Mugereko agree to create a discussion group in the village to talk over grievances rather than to use violence.
491Zaninka continues to incite hatred towards the people of Bumanzi. Shema and Batamuriza try to calm Gasore down after he has an argument with Shantali. The election campaigns in Mugereko continue.

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