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425Hirwa is falling in love with Kamurisa; Diregiteri tells him that this is not a problem. Shema is devastated when he finds out that a person fitting Batamuriza's description is found dead.
424More people approach Rutaganira and congratulate him for the way he has changed and the work he is doing. He continues to repay people he has stolen from. The peace promoters decide that the reason much of the trouble takes place is because they are blindly obedient to leaders who support the violence.
423Zaninka and Bahizi argued with Rutaganira for publicly apologizing to his brother. The peace promoters visit Fabiani, the leader of Mugereko, to try and convince him to stop the violence and vandalism in the region but he refused to discuss the matter.
422Gihana is thanked for his crucial role in the reconciliation process. Shema and the peace promoters have worked out what the key problems are in the region and work at resolving them.
421Zaninka and Bahizi abuse Mbarubukeye over her religion. Gafarasi meets Shema and the peace promoters to try and get them to attack the people of Mudaraza, but they refuse.

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