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420Rutaganira publicly apologises for hurting his brother, Gihana, and gives him a cow as a gift to try and rebuild their relationship.
419Kibanga decides to move away and leave Manyobwa. Shema and the peace promoters try to hold the leader of Mugereko accountable for his role in the violence carried out against the inhabitants.
418Kamurisa approached Hirwa in attempt to build a friendship between them. Despite a few set backs, Shema and the peace promoters are proud of the work they have achieved in the region.
417Gihana is congratulated by everyone for his landslide victory. Shema and the peace promoters criticise the leaders of Mugereko and the way they mistreat the people living on the hill of Mugereko.
416Gihana is chosen as the regional federation leader, he is a popular choice from both sides. The group of peace promoters reach Mugereko and meet Shema who welcomes them with open arms. They discuss their work, and how they can improve.

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