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395 Rutaganira gets a lot of respect for standing up to the people of Muhumuro and Bumanzi and apologizing for his actions. Gafarasi tries to convince Shema that it was the citizens of Mugereko who kidnapped Batamuriza.
394Zaninka and Bahizi continue to spread hatred about people from Bumanzi in prison, even when Mbarubukeye is in the same cell as them. Gafarasi tries to persuade Melodie, Samusoni and Josiane to take revenge against the people in Mugereko.
393The residents of Muhumuro and Bumanzi are deeply concerned about the situation in Mugereko; they can see the region slipping into the same troubles they experienced.
392Samvura tries to convince Anastasia that Rutaganira has changed, and to drop the blind hatred she has for people from Muhumuro. Shema goes to Batamuriza's work office to ask for advice as to how to find her. They offer very little help, but they give him a letter addressed to her.
391Rutaganira makes a formal apology to the people of Bumanzi, he vows that he has no more ill feelings towards any of the people there; Anastasia is not convinced.

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