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340Itís now public knowledge that Kananga and Mugenga have escaped to Mugereko. Batamuriza, Shema and Samusoni object to the way Radio Mugereko is broadcasting. They are inciting hatred and conflict between the villages.
339Rutaganiraís state deteriorates and he falls ill. Zaninka continues to try and persuade him to leave. Batamuriza forgives Shema for his unfair accusation.
338The time is approaching for Rutaganira to appear in court for his sentencing. His anxiety is increasing, he is struggling to eat, and he has nightmares. Shema argues with Batamuriza; he tells her that her lifestyle led to the premature birth. Gasore and Shantali are content and in love.
337Rutaganira is called to court to explain and apologize for his actions. Zaninka once again advises him to flee. More friends and family come and visit Shema and Batamuriza to congratulate them.
336Kananga and Mugenga have fled abroad to escape justice. Mbarubukeye is worried his crimes against Muhumuro will come to light.

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