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330An appeals process has been set up in the trials between the two villages. Batamuriza and Muhorakeye continue to complain about the inappropriate ways their boss is behaving.
329Gasore is tortured, abused and insulted by Bahize Kananga over his love for Shantali. Meanwhile, at the market where Shema works there has been a lot of tension and fighting. He becomes anxious about security in the area.
328On the whole, the residents of the two villages are pleased with the steps they have taken to achieve justice in the region, despite the fact not everyone could be convicted. Batamuriza tells Shema about how her boss is behaving at work. Zaninka is starting to warm to Shantali, but she may have ulterior motives.
327Shantali declares her eternal love for Gasore. Whilst working late on a report at work, Batamuriza’s boss threatened her. Hirwa receives a letter from his father who is in exile, telling him that he may not ever return.
326Rutaganira tells Zaninka to ask for forgiveness from Gasore. Batamuriza spreads the news that she will have a baby girl.

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