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375Shantali, Gasore and Mukahirwa all go to the hospital for a fertility check up. Batamuriza and Muhorakeye’s boss warns them not to argue with him any more. Kamurisa refuses to go back to school.
374Gasore and Shantali return to the prison to try and meet Zaninka and Bahizi, but they see them coming and hide. This upsets Shantali again. Batamuriza and Shema continue to try and convince Fabian to back their peace building plans, but he reacts angrily.
373Zaninka and Bahizi are against Rutaganira's friendship with Mbarubukeye. Batamuriza's boss deliberately tries to make her work life harder for her.
372Zaninka and Bahizi keep getting in trouble in prison, whereas Rutaganira has learnt from his mistakes and is friends with those he used to call enemies. Shantali is upset with all of the negativity and insults from Gasore's family.
371The citizens of both villages are proud of what they have achieved together. Batamuriza tries to convince the new leader of Mugereko to join their campaign, but he also isn't interested. Manyobwa has a new husband, Kibanga Mikeke.

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