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400Didier is kicked out of school for poor attendance. Gasore and Rutaganira reach Shema's home in Mugereko late in the night. Shema explains the situation about Batamuriza to them.
399Gasore and Rutaganira visit Mugereko and meet those who are preparing to fight. During their visit they bump into Mugenga who escaped from Muhumuro.
398Anastasia goes missing which worries everyone, particularly her husband. Shema goes to Fabian's office to try and investigate Batamuriza's disappearance, but Fabian won't let them in.
397Rutaganira is unfazed by those who don't believe he has changed; he intends to convince them through his behaviour. Josiane and Gafarasi continue to try and convince people to fight the people of Mugereko.
396Rita and Yuliana still hate and distrust the people from Muhumuro, particularly Rutaganira. Muhorakeye and Samusoni visit Shema to find out if there is any news about Batamuriza. Mukahirwa gives Gasore and Shantali more advice on family life.

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