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320Everyone has different ideas about how best to proceed with those who have been convicted. Some think that an amnesty should be granted, and some want to see all of the guilty punished.
319The vandals and troublemakers from the two villages are being sentenced. Samusoni tells Batamuriza not to worry about her boss, but she finds it hard. Meanwhile, Gasore tries to discover who has been making trouble between him and Shantali.
318Muzatsinda suggests it would be a good idea for the two villages to share stories of their histories in a further attempt to build peace in the region. Everyone is keen on the idea apart from Anastasia. Batamuriza’s boss continues to warn her about her supposedly poor performance, but it becomes clear that he is blaming her for no reason.
317Anastasia has started to work with members of the other village in the cooperative, but she still refuses to work with Kananga. Batamuriza tells Shema that her boss has threatened to sack her due to poor performance; Shema says she should resign.
316Batamuriza returns to work despite Shema’s advice. Her boss criticises her for being absent, despite the fact she was ill.

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